The onions. Part 2

Remember how great my onions looked?

Not so much anymore.

I have been very careful about all of the berry bushes and trees I’ve planted in the backyard to make sure they are dog-safe. Somehow, I missed the danger of onions. I thought I knew all the toxic to dog foods but I just missed onions somehow.

I found Emma digging up the onions and only then did I google.

Off to the emergency vet we went. I’ll spare you the disgusting details but, thankfully, it appears she didn’t actually eat any of them–just dug them up in her frolicking.

Moral of the story: don’t plant onions where your dog can get them. I’ll be digging these up and moving them to the front yard. They’ll probably suffer for at least a season but they’ll survive.


One thought on “The onions. Part 2

  1. Oh no! Poor you…and poor Emma! I have some poisonous houseplants that I’m trying to figure out where to relocate now that we have Keppo. He’s not big enough to counter surf thankfully, but he’s just tall enough to get his paws and his nose over the edge of the window sills and cause all kinds of havoc. I think I’m going to have to convert my pothos vines to hanging baskets, at the very least.


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