The onions.

The onions. They are growing!

When we moved to this house, I brought with me a few of my prized Egyptian walking onions. Honestly, they looked like crap after the move but I stuck them in a pot to let them grow under the Tennessee sun. For a year, they looked awesome and I was dreaming of eating backyard-fresh onions on everything.

Then, the following year, they looked awful. They barely grew and looked generally sad all summer. There weren’t any side shoots and only a small handful of wimpy looking top sets.

We did some major landscaping in the fall and I decided I’d put them in the ground for a while before giving up my future as an onion farmer. When I took them out of the pot, I was astounded. There was SO MUCH root growth. I ended up having to hack at the roots with a knife. I did the best I could, stuck them in the ground, and waited through the winter.

What a difference the ground makes! They are growing like crazy and have already spread–sending up new shoots all over the place. I think I will even pull some up this year to eat–something I’ve only done once up until now since I was afraid they wouldn’t recover the loss. Onions for tacos, incoming!


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