Surviving the snow

The weather has been crazy here lately. The day before yesterday, the kids had a delayed school start for snow and, a few hours later, it was warm enough to open the windows.

For the most part, things did better than I hoped.

Temps: 40-50’s/20-30’s


March 13: still thankfully dormant. The tips are swelling a touch but still tightly closed.

march 2: dormant.


March 12: about the same. I was worried about these during the cold weather as they were the furthest along of all my plants.

March 2: side shoots 1-2 inches, some closed flower buds.


March 12: a little more growth. I’m not sure if the newest bits are leaves or flower buds. Too small to tell!

March 2: some leaf growth

Egyptian onions:

March 12: about the same. Maybe 8-9. These look great even through the snow.

March 2: 7-8 inches of growth.

I really need to pull the grass that’s growing around these…


March 2: swollen tips, no growth/leaves

March 12: about the same. A little setback from the snow but there are still some green tips.


March 12: these look great! They survived the snow and have lots of leaves on them.

March 2: some leaves, 2 open blooms


March 12: a few more leaves! I thought these little leaves would be goners during the freeze since I lost the first leaves on this last year to a similar late frost.

March 2: very few leaves


March 12: leaves are goners. They are back to sticks.

March 2: few leaves, lots of emerging tips


March 12: a few blossoms popped out but they were gone with the frost.

March 2: dormant


March 12: more growth, maybe a new cane or two.

March 2: some leaves, no new canes


March 12: I never finished transplanting them. One of the transplanted plants looks dead though I’m not sure if it was the trauma of transplantation or the frost.

March 2: new leaves. Half through transplanting to new location.


March12: about the same.

March 2: small amount of lavender growth, chives 6 inches high

Veggies: none planted.


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