Friday roundup—March 2

Rain: 3.25 inches

Temps: 50-60’s/30-40’s

Apples: dormant

Blackberries: side shoots 1-2 inches, some closed flower buds

Blueberries: some leaf growth

Egyptian onions: 7-8 inches of growth

Figs: swollen tips, no growth/leaves

Honeyberries: some leaves, 2 open blooms

Kiwi: very few leaves

Mullberries: few leaves, lots of emerging tips

Pears: dormant

Raspberries: some leaves, no new canes

Strawberries: new leaves. Half through transplanting to new location.

Herbs: small amount of lavender growth, chives 6 inches high

Veggies: none planted.

Kiwi leaves!


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