First blooms!

I’m trying hard to not let myself get too excited about spring. We still have weeks to go before we are in the clear for a real frost–and we have two nights in the forecast this week with lows around 30.

But who am I really kidding? It feels like spring and the plants are getting me all excited! We even have the first blooms!

One of the four honeyberries has a couple tiny blooms. I wasn’t expecting a lot from these this year as I just planted them in October.

Blackberries grow wonderfully around here, so it’s no surprise mine are way ahead of anything else in the yard.

The figs, kiwi, and mulberries are putting out some tiny bits of growth. The apple and pear trees are still tightly closed but, if the weather continues as it has been, I doubt it will be much longer.

Thankfully, the mason bees are also still holed up. The plants need a few more weeks to put out enough blooms to keep the bees happy. I’ll be planting some bee-friendly flowers between all the berries to help encourage the bees to stay in the yard and help pollinate all these berries and trees.


2 thoughts on “First blooms!

    1. I was so sad that none of mine ripened last year before the frost. I hope to get at least a few this year after nursing my little tree through the winter.


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