Gardenwatch begins!

I’ve been debating what to do with the blog. I still cook quite a lot but I’m often cooking with the kid(s) and I don’t like to interrupt those moments to snap pictures.

But cooking isn’t all I do! I garden, I quilt, I knit, I spin… and I often want to document those things. So here we are. Time to broaden the blog instead of abandoning it altogether.

On to the garden!

It’s been wonderfully warm here the last week or so and the garden is starting to come alive!

Last year was the first year for most of the plantings and I got a few berries here and there but never enough to do anything than enjoy a surprise treat. This year, I’m hoping we might actually have enough for something. Maybe a pie?? Blackberries seem to be the most likely to produce enough.

So far, here is the breakdown of what I have growing in my tiny suburban yard:

  • Blackberries (7?8?)
  • Raspberries (6)
  • Blueberries (3)
  • Mulberries (3)
  • Honeyberries (4)
  • Fig
  • Arctic kiwi
  • Pears (moon glow and Bartlett)
  • Apple (Ben Davis and blacktwig)
  • Raised bed of herbs
  • Raised bed of veggies

I’d like to squeeze in one more blueberry variety for cross pollination but I’m not sure. I might hold off an see how well the current bushes grow before I commit to more.

I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold! Hopefully it isn’t a frost!


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