Kitchenaid Vegetable Sheeter

We love zoodles in this house–so much faster than making pasta and so much more delicious and nutritious.  I’ve used a spiralizer for a while now but happened across an attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer that creates vegetable sheets! What??!

You just know I had to try it! 

In the box, you get the main body, two blades (a thick and thin), a centering skewer rod, and a soft vegetable adapter. Also there is both a quick start guide and a more in depth manual.  Set up was very easy even though it was a little intimidating to start. The blades easily slip into the body but it isn’t perfectly clear where exactly they go at first. Once you figure it out, it’s a cinch. 

I tried both zucchini and apples to start and there are some strong pros and cons:


  • Super easy to use.  Set up was just as fast as the manual spiralizer I was using. 
  • Easy to clean. There’s just a few pieces that need to be washed up. 
  • It actually fits back in the box. 
  • Sheets came out perfectly!  Check out those apple sheets! Think of the cool apple chips!! 


  • Not great for the tender/slim summer zucchini. The blades don’t cut thinner than the diameter of the adapter which is considerable. For my skinny zucchini, I only got a few rotations worth of sheet and there was a decent size core left behind. 
  • I wish it had another noodle making blade. I just folded my sheets up and sliced them with a knife but it would be so easy to include a noodle blade with this.  There isn’t a huge difference between the two blades in the box so one could easily be swapped. 

I paid $79 for this after watching the price on Amazon for a couple of weeks.  


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