Reviving Frank

It’s been a while. I lost my cooking/baking mojo for a while for a number of reasons.  We are a lot of takeout and packaged food. Sad, no?  Then, about a week ago, I walked into my cookbook room and it all came flooding back.  So many cookbooks. So many recipes to try. So many delicious foods to eat.  Now that my kids are back in school, it’s time to get back in the kitchen in a serious way.

I’m starting with reviving my sourdough starter, Frank. I left him in the fridge for far too long and then just threw him out in an rage.  I almost instantly regretted it but it was done and frank was gone. I unearthed a ziplock of dried starter in my pantry a few days ago and decided to give it a go.

I followed the instructions on the King Arthur flour blog which is where I originally found the method of drying.
I’m not going to lie, frank was a little slow to get going. It took four full days of feeding and love to get him to his full strength.

After the initial feedings, I switched him back to his usual light rye/whole wheat flour diet and he really started to take off.

This morning I found him happily doubled on the counter!  Success!  I think it’s time for our first loaf!

Frank’s Usual Diet

60 grams of starter

50 grams of light rye

50 grams of whole wheat flour

120 grams of room temp water

I do make modifications to this as the weather and temperature changes. During the winter, I carry over more starter to account for the lower ambient temperature.


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