Hot Fudge Buttercream

I’m not going to lie–its been a crazy few weeks here at chez piehole.  I’ve been in the kitchen-and even taking pictures–but never actually getting them together for posts.  I’ve got a backlog though, so we will be back to our regular schedule asap.

Today, I want to talk about hot fudge.  Not just any hot fudge–the best hot fudge in the world: Sander’s Hot Fudge.  Try it once and you’ll never go back.



This stuff is really only available in Michigan or areas around the Detroit area.  Thankfully, we life in the future and can order things from the interwebs.  This stuff is actually pretty cheap for hot fudge and, sadly, the shipping is pricey, so I buy the big cans and stock up.  Obviously, its amazing on ice cream (or straight from the can with a spoon) but I was left wondering what else I could do with this marvel of science.  After thumbing through a cookie book, I came up with the idea of Hot Fudge Buttercream.

As it was my first time making it, there were a lot of small additions to get the frosting to come together so the totals below are my best guesses.  Use your cooking smarts and add powdered sugar or cream to even out your frosting to the consistency you want.

I ended up adding a few drops of orange coloring to mine and then frosting some basic pumpkin shaped cookies.  All in all, I love this buttercream (which really isn’t a buttercream since there isn’t any butter..) and I can see using it for frosting or a cake.

Hot Fudge Frosting

1/4-1/3 cup of Hot Fudge

4 cups of powdered sugar

1/4 cup of heavy cream


Combine the hot fudge and powdered sugar in the bowl of your stand mixer.  Start the mixer and let the two ingredients combine–it will be dry and powdery.  Add heavy cream a few tablespoons at a time until the frosting reaches the consistency you like.



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