One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies: freezer follow up

When I made the amazing One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies last week, I froze a portion of the dough for science!

I was hoping for two things: to minimize the number of cookies the original batch made so we weren’t inundated with chocolate chip cookies for days AND to give mt some instant cookie goodness on a moment’s notice. Freezer–>Oven–>My Mouth.

I formed the dough into a roll shape, wrapped it up and stuck it in the freezer. Yesterday, I took it out, sliced it up, and popped it in the oven.

And then…there was sadness:

Burnt. My fault..I forgot about them and didn’t hear the timer go off. I had half the dough left, so I sliced up the remainder:  

 Meh. Maybe this dough just isn’t meant to go from freezer to oven. The cookies were well done at the edges and barely baked in the center. Perhaps if I cut the dough into smaller chunks? Or let it thaw on the counter for a few minutes before putting it in the oven? Anybody have any secret tips?


2 thoughts on “One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies: freezer follow up

  1. I don’t have any tips, but I’m bummed that your pictures don’t seem to be working lately. Maybe it’s something on my end? The last few posts have just shown file names where the pictures should be.


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