Baking Bacon

I’m not going to say I’m a bacon fanatic because I haven’t yet made an actual eating vessel made out of bacon. I don’t even have it every week. But I do really like it even though making it is a total pain in the butt. The splatters. The cleanup. The curled bacon. It sucks.


Thankfully, the oven comes to the rescue and I haven’t made bacon on the cooktop since. You’ll need a half sheet pan (WITH A LIP!) and a cooling rack that fits inside. A single rack can hold one package of bacon, depending on how thinly cut it is.

Bake at 425-450ish for about 20-30 minutes. Check on it frequently since it can burn easily and cooking times aren’t exact since bacon is cut to so many different thicknesses. Voila. Flat, perfectly cooked bacon and you didn’t even need to get bacon grease in your eye.

bacon fat

The final bonus? The rendered bacon fat stays nice and clear in the pan. While it is still warm, you can drain it into your mason jar of bacon fat you keep in the fridge. Everyone has that, right???


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