Ebelskiver Failure

Watching cooking shows is a bit of a problem for me. I watch someone make something and I instantly want to make it as well. Until they invent a system that allows me to push a button and have Bobby Flay show up at my door with whatever I was just watching him cook, I’ll have to make do with making things myself.

egg whites

The latest need-to-have dish is called ebelskiver. Bobby–you made them look so easy! They practically cooked themselves! Bobby Flay lied to me though–these require quite a learning curve on the technique front and my batch was pretty much 90% failure. The batter was easy to put together despite my poor egg-whipping choices. Two egg whites to stiff peaks? Lets do that by hand, shall we? A very, very sore shoulder later, it was ready to put them in the pan.


This is where the complications come in. You are supposed to use two sticks to flip these upside down in the pan so they can finish cooking and form the nice little spherical shape. NOPE. This was not easy and, by the time I got the technique up to very baby novice level, my ebelskivers were burnt. This was still better than the first batch that I couldn’t manage to flip at all and had to dig out of the pan with a spoon.


We still ate them. They were ok but, obviously, would have been better if I had been able to flip them more quickly and effectively.

Next time, lower heat so I have a little more time to flip them.


2 thoughts on “Ebelskiver Failure

  1. I did a post on these because we’re addicted to them here. You were right on the heat level, it should be lower until you’re all practiced at turning them fast. I leave my heat at medium high because I turn them fast, 90 degrees at a time. Bobby Flay maybe turns them just once but most of the people who make these turn them twice to get them solid. Good luck, I hope you learn to enjoy this!


    1. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely try these again on a lower heat–the flavor of them was great even with my mistakes!


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