Battle Pizza Crust: Part 2–The Alton Brown Recipe


Its time for part two of the showdown! I planned ahead for the pizza-making, so I opted for Alton Brown’s Pizza Crust. Going in, I have high expectations since I’m pretty much an Alton Brown devotee.

My difficulties in mixing up Bobby Flay’s dough were completely non-existent with this recipe. The dough went from start:


to well-formed:


in the time it took me to put the yeast and sugar away. I let the machine knead the dough as instructed (I even set a timer!) and then put it into a bowl to work its magic in the fridge overnight. Stretching it out was a cinch and the resulting pizza was delicious! The dough was chewy, buttery, and crisp on the outside. I may try a few other recipes but I’m pretty sure this will be the eventual champion of the pizza dough battle.

I have another portion of this dough in the freezer for later experimentation. There is some discussion of par-cooking the pizza crust and then freezing it but I opted for freezing it in an uncooked ball out of sheer laziness. Only time will tell if this was a terrible strategy!


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