Battle Pizza Crust: Part 1


I make a fair amount of pizza at home since it is something I can assemble quickly during a busy evening. Usually, I use my favorite no-knead bread dough as a crust since I always have a batch of that in the fridge. lately though, I’ve been wanting more. The no knead boule is great bread but…it just lacks something for a pizza crust.


All of my cookbooks are currently packed up for our upcoming move, so off to google I went. I came across a few different options but settled on Bobby Flay’s Pizza Crust. The dough came together easily though it did take longer than I anticipated. I ended up using all of the 4 cups of flour plus about 3 tablespoons of bread flour to get the dough to finally begin coming away from the side of the stand mixer bowl.


While the dough was rising, I mixed up a chunky pizza sauce.

Chunky Pizza Sauce
4-5 cloves of garlic, minced
1 small yellow onion
1 large can of whole tomatoes
herbs (basil, oregano, thyme)

Saute the onions and garlic until translucent, add the can of tomatoes and crush. I use a tomato masher though I know some people prefer to crush by hand in the can.

Add the herbs and simmer until it cooks down and thickens. I let my simmer for 45 minutes or so to get it nice and thick.


Once the dough had risen, I divided it in half and assembled the first pizza. Top as you wish, I did a basic pepperoni.


I reserved the other half of the dough for later in the week. After 5 days waiting in the fridge, the dough didn’t suffer at all. There was one small dry patch on it that I plucked off before shaping. The taste was very similar–perhaps a little more sour (it smelled faintly like my sourdough starter) but it wasn’t a bad quality at all.

Overall, this was a good dough–crispy and chewy. I have a few other recipes to try out before I commit to this one and it doesn’t delivery everything I want in a crust. I’m still looking for a buttery crust that would be suitable for a thick crust/deep dish pizza. I have a feeling this recipe would just taste like a thick lump of dry bread.

Next try: Alton Brown’s Pizza Dough. I probably would have started with his but it required an overnight rise and my pizza needs couldn’t wait that day.


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