Mint and Honey Tea


As much as I would like to be, I’m not really a tea drinker. I love the idea of tea but my life never really lives up to the dream of a lazy morning spent relaxing in a spotless home reading a book while drinking tea. My reality of tea is more like “DONT TOUCH MOMMY’S HOT MUG!”

That being said, everyone in my house is sick right now. I will spare you the details but nobody feels like eating anything. Well, thats not exactly true–my son was asking for pancakes with ice cream and sprinkles at 3:30 am but, considering that request was bookended by tylenol and doing yet another load of dirty sheets and blankets, I didn’t give it much weight.

Mint tea is one of my go-to things while I’m sick. It calms an upset tummy and helps me feel a little more human. Plus, its dead easy to make which is a serious bonus when I’m feeling generally like crap. I keep a pot of mint in my yard and I highly recommend it to everyone. It is pretty much impossible to kill, comes back every year, and looks lush and green for the majority of the year. Keep it in a pot rather than planting it in the ground though. Mint spreads and propagates by sending out runners beneath the surface of the soil and can take over a garden pretty quickly.


This pot used to be two varieties of mint–a chocolate mint and spearmint but mint crossbreeds and now it all pretty much tastes the same. If you find a mint you love, keep it in its own pot away from other varieties.

I cut off two tops–about 8-10 largish leaves. Microwave a mug of water for about 2 minutes, squirt some honey in and then drop in the leaves. Stir with a spoon, kind of smooshing the mint leaves. Let it sit for a while to steep and then drink.


I’ll be on the couch with tea and knitting until a kid calls me again. Then I’ll probably be doing more laundry.


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